Status & Milestones

The initiative IsThatGenuine started in early 2009 on the basis of a small consortium, composed of: Advanced Track & Trace, GS1 France, Hologram Industries, Pôle Traçabilité, Prooftag, Seres.

The objectives of this initiative for 2009 are:

  1. Demonstrate the concept through a working platform, and thus to obtain feedback and expressions of interest from users.
  2. Identify the complements to existing GS1 standards which may be necessary to ensure interoperability between examiner portals and brand services, while enforcing authentication technologies neutrality.
  3. Propose a first version of these additional standards.

The future milestones of IsThatGenuine are, for 2010 and beyond:

  • Achieving a real pilot deployment, preferably multinational.
  • Opening the initiative up to players not present in the original consortium, but adhering to its objectives.
  • Transition to governance by the users.
  • Development of interoperability interfaces to a standardization process.