A Scenario of Use

Joe Smith is an inspector in the Anti-Fraud service.

To examine the possibility of fraud on a box that seems to be a box of “Cereal’s Muesli”, Joe Smith connects to the Anti-Fraud service Portal, which is compliant with IsThatGenuine. The portal identifies Joe and verifies his identity.

Illustration Scénario

Joe Smith inputs the product code (GTIN: “Global Trade Identification Number”) using a barcode reader: 34553120201005. There is no serial number on the product.

The portal consults the GS1 directory of enterprises. The directory extracts the “enterprise” reference from the GTIN, and determines that this reference is that of “GS1 France”. The directory communicates to the portal the address of the on-line service of “GS1 France”. The portal contacts the on-line service of “GS1 France”. This on-line service determines what instructions to communicate, according to the policy set by “GS1 France” for this GTIN. These instructions are presented to Joe Smith (see picture): Joe Smith can now verify the weight and dimensions of the product and, if he is equipped with specialized equipment, he may check that the dot on the "i" is visible only with ultra-red light.

Finally, if doubt remains, Joe Smith contacts the brand for further verifications.