C2C Platform Case

E-Commerce Consumer to Consumer (C2C) sites introduce specific difficulties for the surveillance of the market: the large number of goods for sale makes monitoring difficult; in general, the good does not transit through the site services, but is directly sent to the buyer.

IsThatGenuine allows a scenario combining automatic filtering with manual procedures. Filtering uses serial numbers in a statistical manner: a person who sells fraudulent objects is very unlikely to generate more than a small number of serial numbers that are both different and valid. Such selling action can be quickly detected. This scenario involves four main steps:

  1. The seller inputs the product code and serial number, manually, with a reader or a web cam, etc. ;
  2. Consultation of the business directory and forwarding service;
  3. Automatic filtering of the serial number by the services of the brand;
  4. Alarms trigger appropriate actions by agents of the C2C site.

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