Identification & Authentification

IsThatGenuine is based on the following principles:

  1. The identification of a product and its authentication are two distinct concepts;
  2. Identification is a prerequisite for authentication;
  3. Identification can be based on product references;
  4. The failure to validate a product reference provides a hint, not an authentication;
  5. The failure to validate or a frequent apparition of a serial number provides a hint, not an authentication.

Identifying a product means "understanding what the product claims to be". A material good counterfeiting a brand product pretends that it "is" a product of that brand. If the brand is well known, it is easy to understand what the good claims to be. If the brand is less known, product references can be the key to understand what the good claims to be.

Authenticating a product means "Verifying that the product is what it claims to be." This authentication must be able to convince a judge in the case of legal proceedings, and may involve multiple methods including authentication technologies.

The final authentication of a product is usually conducted independently of IsThatGenuine, as the authentication process may entail the use of specific tools, of analyses conducted in laboratories, and finally the establishment of legal files.