Origin & Contributors

GS1 France launched in 2007 a reflection on the use of its standards and services in the fight against counterfeiting and fraud, after noting the significant growth of this plague.

The principles of IsThatGenuine were developed as part of this reflection. They have benefited from interactions with experts of the AFNOR group working on the ISO project for authentication standards for fighting counterfeiting. EPCglobal (, European projects such as SToP and Bridge, the research network AutoID Labs ( were important sources of reflection.


IsThatGenuine was initiated by GS1 France, Advanced Track & Trace and Seres. It is led by GS1 France. After the initialization stage and the demonstration, the project will be open to the remaining of the industry. Apart from GS1, the contributors to this initial phase are:

  • Advanced Track & Trace: Brand Protection Through Digital security
  • GS1: The Global Language of Business
  • Hologram Industries: Innovative Optical Security Solutions
  • Pôle Traçabilité: Partner to Enterprises and Organizations for Traceability Matters
  • Prooftag: High Security Chaosmetrics Solutions for Brand Protection and Documents Security
  • Seres: A partner for your Dematerialization Projects

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