Facilitate Market Surveillance, Boost Inspections, Monitor Costs

IsThatGenuine allows brands to publish instructions for fraud detection in a controlled way:

  • This information is made available in a large number of countries at a cost lower than the cost of training of examiners.
  • The confidentiality of the information is maintained: thanks to the verification by the brand of the origin of the request, the answer can be structured appropriately.
  • The brand retains control of its policy to protect its products.

IsThatGenuine simplifies the task of examiners:

  • Using a single portal to access services of different brands reduces the complexity created by the diversity of protection policies.
  • The examiners can trust the information they obtain: they can verify the identity of the service of the brand.
  • The use of codifications compliant with global ISO standards will enable portals to work with organizations other than GS1.

A Pragmatic Approach for Brands to Work with C2C e-Commerce Sites

IsThatGenuine promotes pragmatic cooperation between brands and the e-commerce sites enabling consumer-to-consumer sales (C2C). This is obtained thanks to scenarios combining automatic filtering and human action.

The interoperability provided by IsThatGenuine provides an efficient, cost-effective approach. C2C sites deploy a unique interface to connect to all brands for both automatic filtering and access to the instructions provided by brands. Brands deploy a unique solution for all kinds of examination environment: C2C sites, enforcing authorities, agents of the brand, distribution channels.

The adoption of IsThatGenuine is also an indication of the willingness of a C2C site to participate in the fight against counterfeiting.