Is That Genuine?

This question is more and more frequently asked by brands, enforcing authorities, retailers, consumers ... who bear the brunt of the exponential growth of counterfeit products. Within France alone, more than 1, 5 million items (excluding tobacco) were seized in 2003, 4.6 million in 2007 and 6.5 million in 2008, worth 467 million Euros. (Figure issued by French Customs).

Market surveillance is essential to the fight against counterfeiting, but becomes difficult with the growth of world trade. The recent surge in Internet sales has increased the number of items to monitor. The task of the examiners is complicated by the increasing flows of goods, by their diversity, by the variety of authentication solutions. This difficulty may discourage some brands from engaging in legal action and from adopting technical solutions to protect their products.

The IsThatGenuine initiative aims at facilitating market surveillance by enabling a network of examiners and brand services. It will increase the number of verifications and lower the cost of each. This increases the profitability of anti-counterfeiting investments and makes them accessible to a larger number of companies.

IsThatGenuine allows examiners to have a single interface to access information for fraud detection issued by different brands. This interface simplifies the task of an examiner faced with the variety of authentication solutions, while maintaining strict neutrality vis-à-vis the technologies used by these solutions.